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Innovative Cold Storage Containers

One of the most common food production and distribution issues is climate-controlled storage

Commercial walk-in Coolers & Freezers can be costly to install and maintain. We have come up with a solution by upcycling used reefer shipping containers commonly used to ship frozen goods internationally.

Our distribution network

Free standing, costs effective, distribution centers allow us to store food close to where it is needed the most

Our Innovative Cold Storage Containers can be staged in almost any location and run on 220v shore power or solar. Since we upcycle 40" Reefer containers they are not only well insulated but also sturdy and modular.

Currently, most climate-controlled food storage options available on the open market we have researched are expensive to acquire and maintain.

One of the most important aspects of food production is maintaining a climate-controlled space to store harvested farm-fresh produce until they are ready to be shipped or distributed. This ensures the perishable produce is kept fresh until it can be consumed, and will help mitigate food waste associated with spoilage.

With our current research on the open market, it appears that most large commercial grade refrigerators are expensive to acquire and maintain. We recognize that this issue is not unique to our supply chain and affects many others as well, so that’s why we have come up with a solution to upcycle used reefer shipping containers and convert them into walk-in refrigerators. These reefer containers run on diesel refrigeration units and are commonly used to ship frozen goods internationally. We have modified the design and have replaced the diesel units with modified electric AC units, which makes the containers more efficient, maintainable, and sustainable.

Our vision at UFA is to create a network of distribution centers in under-served areas so that everyone may have equal access to the local harvest by implementing these containers in those communities. We want to place our refrigerated storage centers as close as possible to the people and places that food is designated to be delivered. These 8ft x 40ft walk-in containers house produce that will feed communities.

After receiving produce from local farms, it is then stored in our modified shipping containers to be kept fresh while organized, staged, and allocated to the proper destination. The containers also serve as storage and sorting facilities for our supply chains. This allows for a more cost-effective solution for moving food from farms directly to the communities and ensures the products stay fresh every step of the way.

Inside the Innovative Cold Storage Container
The Thermal Separator is a panel that divides the load into different temperatures within the same container.
NSF rated LED lighting are cost effective and safe for food preparation.
Two refrigeration units allow for dual temperature zones. More configurations are possible.
Wifi Enabled Digital Temperature Controller • Power Auto Restart – Your last setting saved in memory • Simple User Interface with Capacitive Touch Buttons or via App • Temperature Settings Range: 32°F~65°F / 0°C~18°C • Remote Temperature Monitoring and Control (via App) • User-designed Temperature Ranges for Alerts and notifications (via App) • Critical Alerts via SMS and E-mail (on mobile device or PC via App)
GFI Electrical outlets provide 110v power inside.
Raised floor for proper drainage in the event of prolonged power failure.
Exterior of walk-in
Optional door replacement can be provided on both ends of the container. Other door options are also possible.
Dual refrigeration units allow for temperature control in multiple zones.
A 40Amp breaker is all that is needed to power both refrigeration units, lights and outlets.
40' reefer dimensions
Original doors can be use or replaced with commercial freezer doors to meet commercial standards. Access doors and be added on any side of the container.
H 7’5″ x W 7’6″ entry allows for easy loading and unloading of pallets.
Over 2,000 cubic feet of usable Tempurature Controlled Storage Space inside.
Optional second door can be installed to increase throughput and workflow.


Operates on 120V/240V shore power or solar
Remotely adjust and monitor temperature controls
Temperature Settings Range: 32°F~65°F / 0°C~18°C
User-designed Temperature Ranges for Alerts and notifications
Critical Alerts via SMS and E-mail
Reduces operating overhead on average by $250 per month in electrical costs (Compared to 3 phase refrigeration units).

40% less energy usage versus traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration. Ampel multi-zone temperature-controlled storage that is remotely controllable (via mobile App and WiFi). Modulare with endless configuration possibilities to meet any application requirements.

If you think these Cold Storage Containers would be a useful addition to your current operation we are here to help. Just reach out to us at and we will work together to help you build an Innovative Cold Storage Container of your own, or we can do it for you.

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