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Geothermal Greenhouse & Learning Center

United Farmers Alliance is currently seeking funding to build a Geothermal Greenhouse and Learning Center as a proof of concept. We have already completed the blueprints and engineering– All that’s left is to secure funding to complete this project. Why build a Geothermal Greenhouse? There is a plethora of reasons, which include but are not limited to:

The ability to grow crops year-round. Because we are located in the 10/10A climate zone, many farmers can not grow their crops during certain months of the year, namely the summer when it is too hot. This could provide a low-cost solution to seasonal problems, and give farmers more control over the growing environment while increasing crop yields and reducing the need for pesticides.

We plan to use this project as an innovative agricultural learning center for the community. This would invite Community Groups, K-12 Students, and Agricultural Professionals to participate in immersive and hands-on educational programs about local agriculture and sustainable food systems.

The current facility will be used to collect data. The data collected from the greenhouse’s environments will be used to accurately plan growth and scalability perimeters for future sites. This will provide the needed information for local farmers to replicate with confidence.

The merits of this facility are numerous and would include:

An increase in food yields for Florida farmers and an extension of the growing season to be year-round.
The intent of this facility is to allow other farmers to obtain the knowledge they need to extend their growing season, and/or create new growing facilities.
The training facility will be located on an exciting regenerative agricultural farm.
The facility will be open to the public for each event and have professional growers and farmers participate in the presentation of material.
Community outreach through educational field trips and community events focused on sustainable specialty crop farming and the general health benefits of these crops.
Climate-controlled farming, which reduces transportation costs, greenhouse gases, and reduces water use.

If you share our vision and would like to help us secure funding to complete this project you can donate to this project here or if you would like to know more about how to get involved, you can reach out to us at We would be happy to hear from you! We are committed to seeing this through and believe this center will have a lasting impact on all of our communities.

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