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EBT, SNAP, and Fresh Access Bucks!

The United Farmers Alliance is proud to support the local community through our Food Box Program, and we are excited to announce the ability to use EBT through Fresh Access Bucks! This allows us to provide local farm-fresh food 50% cheaper to EBT members. Each farm-fresh produce bundle box comes with an assortment of the weekly harvest: an approximately $40 value for only $20, and now only $10 for EBT members. Products vary from week to week depending on the yield and the season, with veggie staples such as hydroponic lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, specialty produce, and fruits. No matter what, you can always expect fresh produce. These boxes are great for taking the hassle out of your weekly grocery shop and also for those that just like trying something new. Boxes can be pre-ordered and picked up at one of our designated locations. To learn more and find a location nearest you, check our shop tab on the website for times and locations. 

The Florida Department of Health is working to increase access to food throughout Florida. This involves improving access to healthy food and beverages via farmers’ markets, corner stores, and other cooperatives, all of which are part of the built environment.

The long-term goal of the Department’s food access projects is to advance health equity by increasing access to healthy food and beverages for individuals and their families throughout Florida’s communities, cities, and counties in order to help reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity. Food access projects don’t only involve health issues, but community development and health equity issues. For this reason, access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food is a key component in a healthy, sustainable community.

Currently, food access projects involve establishing new farmers’ markets in underserved areas and increasing the number of farmers’ markets that accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and Fresh Access Bucks (FAB).

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