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Our mission is to unite all segments of local agriculture with local communities to provide nutritional impact and local food sovereignty while cultivating agriculture development.

Farmers helping families

Farmers helping farmers

Agricultural education

Local healthy foods

Farm preservation


Together our farming community is collaborating to solve; Community and educational outreach (local agriculture & food nutrition awareness), Sustainable local food distribution, Senior to young farmer connection/mentorship, Seeding farmer/industry partnerships, Supporting sustainable stewardship through grants and regulatory navigation, Promoting agricultural businesses regionally.

How can we do so much?

Local ambition and local support for change in our current food industry.

We are the farmers, distributors, composters, propagators, educators, arborists, urban community famers, chefs, food retailers, and community members coming together to solve common obstacles in our local food systems.
Our goals are organized and focused.

What can you do to help us help others?

Just want to help?

We are always looking for volunteers to give an extra hand on the field

Are you a local farmer?

Join forces with us and become part of our coalition

Donate to our cause

Anything helps and all of it goes to our mission

Local UFA Farmers

These are our current amazing Farmer Partners